Moores Custom Made Engagement Ring


Price for Engagement RIng, in Platinum, with particular grade of Diamonds. 

This stunning engagement is custom-made by Moores.

Matching Wedding ring: MJ-BS-0000036ET

Custom Designed & Made Ring

As with all custom-made Moores rings they can be designed you suit your style and budget. 

Moores offer a full range of customisation, from simple changes, such as choosing various precious metals to a completely new design or re-design. 

Should you like a Moores ring but find that it does not suit your budget, just let us know and we can adjust the design to suit. We provide consultation and design services in our Mahon Point store at no charge.

For an appointment please call 021 4614963 or email:

With all custom-made pieces, please allow at least 3/4 weeks for completion. A more definite ETA will be provided when order has been placed.

Engagement Ring Details - Excluding Centre Diamond:

Note: Semi-Mount refers to the ring without the centre diamond but including all the smaller Diamonds. The price listed for the semi-mount excludes the centre diamond.

Diamonds in Engagement Ring Semi-Mount

Diamond Carat Weight 0.25ct.
Diamond Colour G
Diamond Clarity


Diamond Cut


Precious Metals & Engagement Ring Semi-Mount Prices

18ct. White Gold €1199
18ct. Yellow Gold €1199
18ct. Rose Gold €1199


Precious Metals

While we show the prices above for 18ct. gold (in various colours) and Platinum we can have most of our custom made rings made in almost any precious metals, including 9ct. Gold and Palladium.

Also, rings can be made from mixtures of metals, where for example the band might be 18ct. yellow gold and the head/setting could be 18ct. white gold. 

Main/Centre Diamond

Moores have access to a vast array of diamonds and other gemstones and can help you find your perfect one.. 

The ring shown in the images has a 0.50 carat centre diamond but can be made with any size of centre diamond from about 1/4 carat and up.

This ring can also be made with a large variety of Diamond shapes.

The size and grade of the diamond will dramatically effect the price of the ring. Normally the centre diamond is the largest single factor in the price of a ring and when the centre diamond is large (1 carat plus) it will be the often make up the vast majority of the price. 

Adjusting the size and grade of the centre diamond is the most direct way to fit a style into your budget.


Above is shown in Diamonds but as with all Moores custom made jewellery, it is available to be made with a large variety of gemstones.

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