Our Story

Moores Jewellers was found in 1968 by Aidan & Eileen Moore.

Moores Jewellers was founded in 1968 by Aidan and Eileen Moore. 

In 1968 young newlyweds Aidan and Eileen Moore emigrated to Australia because its hot dry climate had been recommended for Aiden's ill health. Eileen remembers thinking "Going to Australia felt like moving to another planet. It took six weeks to get there on a ship. Aidan and I thought we would never see home again. We travelled there with a mixture of fear, loneliness for home and at the same time great excitement as we looked forward to the life we would build there together." Aidan had trained as a watchmaker in Cork and after arriving in Australia he opened a small workshop in Perth. This small workshop slowly grew into Aidan and Eileen's first jewellery shop; This was the first ever "Moores Jewellers". For eleven years Aidan and Eileen grew the business in Perth, eventually moving to a larger premises and opening a second store.

In 1979, after they had their first child John and with Eileen pregnant with their daughter Jody, the call of home grew too strong and they moved back to Ireland. Moores Jewellers was reborn in 1980, with a new store on Carrigaline Main Street. It was a humble beginning in a difficult time in Ireland. In The 1980's Ireland was plunged into a deep recession that saw many young people leaving for foreign shores in search of work. Aidan and Eileen, however, were sure that returning to Ireland had been the right move and they worked hard to make their little shop a success.  

Moores Jewellers Carrigaline was slowly finding its feet when, in 1987, tragedy struck. Aidan, sadly, lost his long battle with ongoing illness and passed away. After much soul searching and prayer, Eileen decided she would endeavor to run the business on her own. This step took a great deal of courage and grit, but her hard work and talent, as a business woman, showed through when she eventually brought the businesses to a place where further expansion became possible. In 1990 Eileen took a huge step of faith and opened a second store in the newly built Douglas Court shopping centre. This shop proved to be a great success and the business continued to grow, in 2001 a third store was opened in the new Carrigaline Shopping Centre.



In 2004, Aidan and Eileen's son, John entered the business and opened two new stores in 2005. The new stores are in the Riverview Shopping Centre, Bandon and in the Mahon Point Shopping Centre. In the interesting circle of life it ended up that John's expansion also preceded a time of recession in Ireland. John states. "It has been a great encouragement to think that my parents endured the recession in the 1980's and saw their business endure and grow. I have endeavored to work hard and emulate their example of tenacity and dedication through these last few difficult years. We have incredibly loyal and supportive customers and a fantastic team at Moores. It is wonderful to see the business come through the past years stronger and better".

In addition to the five retail stores, Moores has a talented team of Jewellers, Watchmakers and Engravers. Moores are also a leading designer and maker of bespoke jewellery. They are also heavy engaged with the local communities and charities. The little workshop that was started back in 1968, has blossomed into cutting edge, full service, jewellery company. The best is yet to come.