All Things Green

March 30, 2021

All Things Green

A selection of some stunning green gemstones. 

Fancy Green Moissanite

Offering both a lush green hue with the intense sparkle that is Moissanite’s claim to fame, our green Lab-Created Moissanite is perfect for any green aficionado.


This stone was discovered in an Arizona meteorite crater, but all Moissanite used in jewellery today is created in a lab.

Ranking at 9.25 on the Mohs Scale, Moissanite is harder than ruby and sapphire — and strong enough for daily wear in engagement rings, fashion styles, and body jewellery alike.

Moissanite has more than twice as much sparkle as diamonds due to its unique refractive properties.


Ranging in hue from a warm yellow-green to a cool blue-green, it’s no surprise we embrace emerald for those born in May, the height of spring. As one of the Big Three gemstones, emerald has endured in popularity for centuries, being THE go-to gemstone for all things green.


Of course, there’s a variety of green gems available today, but for customers who want the traditional green gem, emerald is the only choice. Just be sure to treat it with care since these gems can be finicky and fragile.

The name emerald finds its root in the Sanskrit word marakata, meaning the green of growing things. Due to its lush, rolling countryside, Ireland is famously known as the Emerald Isle

Emeralds and emerald jewellery are the gifts for the 35th wedding anniversary

The world’s largest emerald is a privately owned 7,052-carat uncut crystal from Colombia.

Demantoid Garnet

Garnet comes in a wide range of richly hued shades that are both reasonably priced and readily available. But as with all stones, there are select types that are superstars. In garnet, that standout superstar stone is the Demantoid variety.


Getting its eye-popping colour from trace amounts of chromium and ferric iron, this lime-green gem has one thing that makes it outshine the rest of the garnet family: Demantoid garnet has incredible fire dispersion — more so than diamonds!

Demantoid, meaning diamond-like, comes from the old German word demant. The highest quality gems come from Russia’s Ural Mountains, where it was discovered in 1853. Faceted stones above two carats are rare, and most are under one carat. Some have beautiful, unique golden horsetail inclusions — which make them even more valuable

Tsavorite Garnet

Meet the other green giant of the garnet family: Tsavorite. This vivid grass-green gemstone gets its colour from the element vanadium, although some Tsavorite garnets contain other elements that give their exceptional color a whisper of blue.

Tsavorite has a long, rich history that starts with its 1961 discovery.

Tsavorite is an excellent, more durable birthstone option for May babies who shy away from their traditional emerald.

Tsavorite’s name comes from Kenya’s Tsavo National Park

The finest quality Tsavorite hails from a deposit in Kenya’s Kuranze region. Most Tsavorite is natural and untreated, so the stone you receive looks exactly how it came out of the ground, offering the raw beauty of Mother Nature.


Also called the Evening Emerald, peridot is a radiant green with a hint of gold. This lush hue embodies true splendour and growth. While best known as the birthstone for August babies, anyone can enjoy peridot’s unique shade — and indeed, people are enjoying it, as peridot has been trending in a huge way recently.

Peridot is the gift for the 16th wedding anniversary. Why pear-a-doe and not pear-a-dot? Peridot was first mined in the town of Peridot, Arizona.

Peridot is one of few gemstones that appears in exactly one colour: a perfect pistachio panache

The oldest peridot gemstones came to Earth in a meteorite, and they’re 4.5 billion years old — a far cry from the meagre millions of years of Earth-forged Peridot.


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